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to leaner operations, smarter decisions and a delightful experience


Do it smart

It is time to be
data driven

Keep an eye on your pipeline at all times

Be updated with tasks status, in addition to useful insights that will help you boost your efficiency
Look for insights that will help you reward or inhance
Hot tabs to navigate bettwen top and avg. drivers
get chat updates instantly
Task number tags for fast and onpoint comunication
Auto update and follow up giving you the time to focus on other stuff
How to save ? follow the insights

Receiving, tracking, and fulfilling customer orders. The order management process begins when an order is placed, and ends when the customer happily receives their package.

Automatically upload vital information for your fleet, such as fuel usage and telematics data. This way, you're able to receive real-time data on your drivers and assets and identify areas to improve.

Don’t use consumer apps for business communication. Communicate with your entire team inside a private, secure chat platform.

A range of functions, such as vehicle leasing, vehicle maintenance, licensing, supply chain management, accident management and vehicle telematics.

No Drivers ? No Problem !


Hassle free

Minimize your start-up costs, get immediate access to “expert” delivery services and no order mistakes guaranteed


Easy peasy

Give them the
app they need !

Up-to-the-second customer info, order details and navigation. Avoid traffic using 2GIS maps with its complete and up-to-date directory of organizations with detailed cities

You no longer have to worry about tasks of the future, all you have to do is create them and they will appear to drivers at the identified time and date.

In the case of SoS, we will make sure that the driver is ok first, then assign another driver to pick up the nondamaged order to ensure your customer's satisfaction.

Drivers don't only carry packages, they also carry all related licenses and documents along with fuel cards, now all of that can be found in the wallet.

The hub,

So connected ​

Fetch tasks
on time

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Tablet View 1
Select Driver

Connect your APIs and receive real-time tasks, either fetched by your inhouse system, call center, or manager and get them done on time.

Save time punching in the orders your receive by creating your menu, it could be food, packages, or anything else, while keeping track of the preparation time

No API no problem, using the in tablet menu, you can now create the tasks directly and live the digital world experience.

Tired of the drivers' number waiting at your hub? let the drivers know when the order is ready for them to come in and pick it up after you assign them.

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